Club CALUMO – Syd 25th May


Club CALUMO is an informal meeting of minds on “All things Business Analytics, BI, Reporting & Planning”. Our next Club CALUMO event in Sydney, over cocktails, is now open for registrations. Why you should attend: Our Case Study session is

Microsoft KPI and Dashboarding Reporting Options

microsoft kpi

If you’re at the very early stages of your KPI reporting tool review, here is a head start with some information about the Dashboarding and KPI reporting offerings from Microsoft. Power BI Power BI is the latest tool from Microsoft

Webinar: Visualize your data with self-serve dashboards

All the charts you can think of

  To build great data visualization dashboards you need easy access to good data, the right tools and a sprinkle of inspiration. PRESENTED BY: Warwick Leitch. Build useful, powerful, great story-telling dashboards Deliver visual insight into your business Improve the visibility

Pie charts are useless in Business Intelligence!

Chart Title

I have a fundamental dislike of pie charts.  I do love some pies: apple pies, pecan pie, and the great Aussie meat pie are just some of my favourites. But when it comes to using pie’s for any analysis, you

The 5 biggest BI buying mistakes and how to avoid them

5 steps to avoid the biggest BI buying mistakes

“Ok, so we bought this excellent BI tool to visualize our data” Good job! Now, what? What I mean is: “What do I do now? How do I use it? I want an Income Statement, and a Cash Flow, and Production

Webinar: CALUMO for Hospitality: management reporting on a silver platter

Management Reporting on a Silver Platter

    Business Analysis, Reporting, Budgeting and Planning tools for the hospitality industry Presented by: Nicole Khalil. Nicole has worked as an accountant for 11 years with various organisations in a range of industries including AMP Capital Investors, Aussie Home Loans,

Webinar: Slice and Dice your data and change your use of Excel forever

slice and dice your data

  Slice and dice your data with CALUMO In this webinar from March 2016, Warwick Leitch asked: Are you: – stuck in the Excel grinder? – struggling to get analytical reports delivered? – finding you never have enough time to complete