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Excel tip – How to get a unique list of items from a table

excel grouping cells

Have you ever wanted to get a unique list of items, like customers, or accounts from a large list?  I was helping a friend, Sophia, a few days ago and she was manually looking at the list of expenses for

Microsoft Power BI for Budgeting?

Power BI

At a conference recently I was asked: “Can Microsoft Power BI be used as a budgeting tool?” The short answer is: “No”. By definition, BI (Business Intelligence) tools are read-only tools, and Power BI is no exception. Power BI is

Explaining Business Intelligence to a Third-Grader


My son Quantum [Quantum is not my son’s real name, the Legal Department made me change it. But Quantum sounds cool though doesn’t it? . Also, that is also not a picture of my son…yes, you guessed it, Legal!] asked

CALUMO top ranked in Cloud BI in BARC BI Survey 2016

CALUMO top ranked in Cloud BI

BARC’s BI Survey is the world’s largest survey of BI software users. CALUMO has ranked incredibly well for years. And 2016 was no exception. We took #1 spot in eight categories: Customer Satisfaction, Competitive Win Rate, Operational BI, Cloud BI, Price-To-Value Perception, Implementer Support, Product Satisfaction, Vendor

Club CALUMO Melbourne March 30th 2017


We are organising Club CALUMO Breakfast event in Melbourne on Thursday 30th March. Club CALUMO is a perfect opportunity to meet with peers, share Business Intelligence, Reporting & Planning experiences and learn from others’ successes and challenges over a hot breakfast.

CALUMO out and about: Gartner Data and Analytics Summit


Gartner always runs excellent events. It’s not just their research and analysis, but also their real world examples and great speakers that draws the audience. CALUMO sponsored the recent #gartnerda event in Sydney – and it didn’t disappoint.  It’s a great event

Trends in Financial Planning and Budgeting


BARC’s BI Survey is the world’s largest annual survey of BI & CPM software users. BARC recently surveyed hundreds of users about budgeting and financial planning. The results are in, and they’re pretty interesting. Some of the major issues users having