Forecasting and reporting at its best at Mantra!

In this video, Rachel Waters from Mantra explains how CALUMO has revolutionized reporting and planning keeping Mantra ahead of the competition.  The changes are just amazing!

Amazing – Moraitis Financial Reporting Down From 2 Weeks to 8 Hours!

Nicole Khalil from Moraitis Group share’s the amazing time save, cost saving and new insight her team and executives now have with CALUMO.  It turns out the free tools were costing Moraitis a lot of money.

Pickles Auctions Has Stopped Wasting Time (and paper) by Using CALUMO

Richard Ford from Pickles Auctions talks about CALUMO and how it’s changed the way they report financial and operational data.  The time (and paper) savings are enormous!

Big Data And Its Bizarre Uses!


Big data isn’t just used in retail to try to influence your buying habits or by marketing companies to figure out best product marketing strategies.  It’s uses extend to Animal tracking , Hipsters and even Bras!   Check the whole

30 year old strategies great CFO’s embrace


This is a great article for some Business Strategy 101 for up and coming Accountants aiming for CFO.  The great CFO’s I have had the pleasure of working with are 100% strategy.  Check out this article for some tips on

CFOs greatest pressure – Keeping Up With Technology in Accounting and Finance

Chart - CFO and IT

In a survey by  Robert Half Management Resources, CFOs were asked, “In general, what would you say is the single greatest pressure facing your accounting and finance function?”  Click on the chart to see their responses. The results are from

The best companies do this and it’s easy with with a CPM tool


This is a great research paper by Grant Thornton about improving companies performance by looking forward rather than just back. It’s the difference between BI and CPM.  BI tools only look behind so people use their gut to predict the future