Excel tip #4,342 Format Painter made even easier


I’ve been working with Excel for years and I continue to amaze myself with what I don’t know about Excel.  I have done some really complex stuff with Excel.  I have built software with it that sold around the world,

BI – Beyond finance and into our own software


At CALUMO, we love to make sure that our system is running fast and is stable. Our clients move to CALUMO-as-a-Service because their existing reporting, BI and budgeting systems are slow. Their BI systems are either really old, expensive to

CALUMO will be Exhibiting at GPUG Summit 2015, Reno, NV – October 13 -16, 2015

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Reno, Nevada. Would you have thought you’d get the opportunity to: update your Microsoft Dynamics and Excel skills, discover new tools to make your life easier, meet your peers, network, learn, get your free koala or kangaroo and do all

4 Tips for data modeling with cubes


I was reminded recently by how ease cubes are to create and much fun they are.  What, me a nerd? Yeah, I’m a cube nerd.  I was with a client recently teaching them how to build a cube with their

Forecasting and reporting at its best at Mantra!

Rachel Waters

In this video, Rachel Waters from Mantra explains how CALUMO has revolutionized reporting and planning keeping Mantra ahead of the competition.  The changes are just amazing!

Amazing – Moraitis Financial Reporting Down From 2 Weeks to 8 Hours!

Nicole Khalil

Nicole Khalil from Moraitis Group share’s the amazing time save, cost saving and new insight her team and executives now have with CALUMO.  It turns out the free tools were costing Moraitis a lot of money.

Big Data And Its Bizarre Uses!


Big data isn’t just used in retail to try to influence your buying habits or by marketing companies to figure out best product marketing strategies.  It’s uses extend to Animal tracking , Hipsters and even Bras!   Check the whole