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Tech spec – CALUMO-on-your-Premises

CALUMO is comprised of three components, a database server, a web server and a Microsoft Office based client. The following sections describe the requirements for each component as well as bringing important information to your attention where required.

CALUMO Database Server

CALUMO Web Server The web server can exist as a standalone server or it can be combined on the same machine as the database server. The following sections describe the requirements for running the web server as a standalone server as well as combining it on the same physical machine as the database server.

Hardware Requirements

The following is a list of the recommended hardware specifications for running a standalone web server:

  • Quad core CPU
  • 50 GB Hard Drive (or server standard)
  • 4 GB Expandable memory

Software Requirements

Microsoft Windows Server

CALUMO is supported on the following versions of Microsoft Windows Server at their latest released service pack level:

Windows Server Versions
2008 R2
2012 R2

CALUMO also supports being run in a fully virtualized environment such as Microsoft Hyper-V.

Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

Microsoft IIS is an optional installation component of Microsoft Windows Server and CALUMO is supported on the following versions:

Internet Information Services (IIS) Versions

For IIS 7.x and 8.x the follow table details which role services must be installed for CALUMO to install and run correctly:

W3SVC Component  Name Required
StaticContent Static Content Y
DefaultDocument Default Document Y
DirectoryBrowse Directory Browsing Y
HttpErrors HTTP Errors Y
HttpRedirect HTTP Redirection
Application Development Features
NetFxExtensibility .NET Extensibility Y
ISAPIExtensions ISAPI Extensions Y
ISAPIFilter ISAPI Filters Y
ServerSideInclude Server-Side Includes
Health and Diagnostics
HttpLogging HTTP Logging Y
LoggingLibraries Logging Tools Y
RequestMonitor Request Monitor
HttpTracing Tracing
CustomLogging Custom Logging
ODBCLogging ODBC Logging
BasicAuthentication Basic Authentication
WindowsAuthentication Windows Authentication Y
DigestAuthentication Digest Authentication
ClientCertificateMappingAuthentication Client Certificate Mapping Authentication
IISClientCertificateMappingAuthentication IIS Client Certificate Mapping Authentication
Authorization URL Authorization Y
RequestFiltering Request Filtering Y
IPSecurity IP and Domain Restrictions
Performance Features
HttpCompressionStatic Static Content Compression Y
HttpCompressionDynamic Dynamic Content Compression Y
Management Tools
ManagementConsole IIS Management Console
ManagementScriptingTools IIS Management Scripts and Tools
AdminService Management Service
IIS 6 Management Compatibility
Metabase IIS Metabase Compatibility Y
WMICompatibility IIS 6 WMI Compatibility
LegacyScripts IIS 6 Scripting Tools
LegacySnapin IIS 6 Management Console
FTP Publishing Service
FTPServer FTP Server
LegacySnapin FTP Management snap-in
Windows Process Activation Service
ProcessModel Process Model Y
NetFxEnvironment .NET Environment Y
WASConfigurationAPI Configuration APIs Y

Security Considerations

When CALUMO and the SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) database server are installed on the one machine, no further configuration is required once CALUMO is installed. If the CALUMO Web Server is installed on a separate machine to the SSAS database server, then CALUMO must be configured with either the Effective Username Configuration or Kerberos security. This is required because ‘Double hop’ security measures are built into Windows authentication preventing credentials being passed through multiple machines.

Database and Web Servers Co-Located

Where the database server and the web server are located on the same physical machine, standard windows authentication is used and no delegation accounts are required (Kerberos).

Database and Web Servers Logically Separated (Effective Username Configuration)

Where the database server and the web server are located on separate machines, previously the Kerberos Security protocol must have been configured.

Now, you can configure CALUMO to use an Analysis Services concept known as “Effective Username”.

For full details on what you need to do to configure CALUMO to run in this mode, see the section Using Effective User Name in CALUMO Database and Web Servers Logically Separated (Kerberos). Note: The configuration of Kerberos for CALUMO is still supported, but we believe that using the EffectiveUser Configuration is simpler and less prone to issues than Kerberos.

Where the database server and the web server are located on separate machines, the Kerberos Security protocol must be configured in the Active Directory to allow communication and delegation of credentials from the client to the CALUMO web server and on the database server. Please see: Appendix C – Implementing Kerberos for CALUMO for detailed configuration steps to get CALUMO working with CALUMO Office Client. The client component of CALUMO is a set of Microsoft Office Add-ins that are installed via a single installer.

The following table lists the supported versions of software required for running the CALUMO Office Client:

Microsoft Windows CALUMO Excel Client CALUMO Skylights
Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit/64-bit) Supported Supported
Microsoft Windows 8 (32-bit/64-bit) Supported Supported
Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit) Supported Supported
Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit) Supported Supported
Apple OSX – Web Only Supported Supported
Microsoft Office CALUMO Excel Client CALUMO Skylights
Microsoft Office 2007 Supported Supported
Microsoft Office 2010 (32-bit/64-bit) Supported Supported
Microsoft Office 2013 (32-bit/64-bit) Supported Supported
Microsoft Office 2016 (64-bit/64-bit) Supported Supported
Web Browsers CALUMO Excel Client CALUMO Skylights
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Supported Supported
Microsoft Edge Supported Supported
Firefox Supported Supported
Chrome Supported Supported
Safari Supported Supported
Other Software CALUMO Excel Client CALUMO Skylights
PDF Reader Supported Supported
Microsoft .NET 4.0 (Supplied) Supported Supported
Microsoft .NET 2.0 (Not Supplied) Supported Supported
Microsoft Visual Studio Tools For Office (Supplied) n/a Supported

The CALUMO Office Client requires administrator rights during the installation. On operating systems that are capable of UAC, the installer will use UAC to ask for and grant administration access.

On operating systems that are not capable of UAC, the user performing the installation will either need to be an administrator of the local machine, or they can be granted elevated rights by using the “Run As Administrator” option. Users will need full read/write access to the installation folder and all sub-folders.

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Web Users have read and write (reporting, budgeting and forecasting) access to all CALUMO Web Portal content.
Office Connected Users have access to CALUMO Office integration with Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
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