CALUMO “Top Ranked” in 9 categories

Check out how CALUMO compares to its peers in BARC’s BI Survey ’17 when compared with BOARD, IBM Cognos BIIBM Cognos TM1, MS Excel, MS SSRS, Oracle BI, QlikView, SAP BO Analysis, and Tableau

BARC’s BI Survey is the world’s largest annual survey of BI software users. In 2017 CALUMO has again taken top honours. If you are evaluating Business Intelligence (BI) or Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions, read this survey before you invest!

In BARC’s BI Survey ’17, CALUMO took top-ranking in two main peer groups: Integrated Performance Management Products (IPMP) and OLAP Analysis-focused Products (OLAP).

CALUMO is “Top-Ranked” in 9 and “Leader” in 13 categories:

  • 1. Competitive Win Rate (IPMP peer group)
  • 2. Competitive Win Rate (OLAP peer group)
  • 3. Operational BI (IPMP)
  • 4. Operational BI (OLAP)
  • 5. Cloud BI (IPMP)
  • 6. Cloud BI (OLAP)
  • 7. Mobile BI (IPMP)
  • 8. Competitiveness (OLAP)
  • 9. Innovation (OLAP)
  1. 1. Business Benefits (IPMP)
  2. 2. Project Length (IPMP)
  3. 3. Price-to-value (in both peer groups)
  4. 4. Recommendation (IPMP)
  5. 5. Vendor Support (IPMP)
  6. 6. Implementer Support (in both peer groups)
  7. 7. Product Satisfaction (in both peer groups)
  8. 8. Customer Satisfaction (in both peer groups)
  9. 9. Ease of use (IPMP)
  10. 10. Sales experience (in both peer groups)
  11. 11. Mobile BI (OLAP)
  12. 12. Innovation (IPMP)
  13. 13. Competitiveness (OLAP)

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