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CALUMO Skylights open up a whole new way of integrating web content within Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word. When combined with CALUMO reports, Skylights unite the power of corporate reporting with the presentation power of PowerPoint and printability or Word. Each Skylight acts as a window onto a report which can be presented or interacted with real time.

Here is a great example of how Dominic Parsons, CALUMO's CEO created an awesome report using CALUMO, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and Microsoft Office 2010. It took him 20 minutes just before a meeting.

This report was either in his mind to Board ready in 20 minutes and replaced about 10 pages of numbers. Dominic was at home on his home computer and created an ad hoc view of an analysis services cube using CALUMO. He then moved the cube view to Excel with live links to the analysis services cube, added Excel charts and CALUMO Sparks for visualization. Next Dominic published the report as a web page with the CALUMO one click to web page button (yeah, we had to give him access to do that).

Next came CALUMO Skylights. Dominic used CALUMO Skylights for Microsoft Word by adding his report into a Word document with commentary for print out, an eBook and then CALUMO Skylights for Microsoft PowerPoint for presentation. In Microsoft PowerPoint, the presentation used real-time data from analysis services in the slide show so he was able to drill into the report and show new information when meeting participants had specific questions about the numbers he was presenting! A couple of the meeting participants have a variety of devices like iPads, iPhones, Windows Phones laptops etc. and reviewed the report online in Safari, iBook, Internet Explorer 9 etc..

Here is what they look like with the data changed of course.

This report has Net Profit at the top then broken down into its components.  Each chart will drill to other reports.  The charts first 6 bars have the last 6 months and the last two bars the last 2 quarters.









This report has Operating Expenses then broken into it's components.








You can change the date and region on each report to instantly updated data.

In 20 minutes, the report was viable online:

  • Browser IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint


  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • EBook (.epub works on all readers .epub readers including iBook and Adobe Digital Editions.)


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