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I was talking Paul Cavanagh-Downs, one of CALUMO's awesome consulting team today.  He showed me a web based CALUMO report he built in CALUMO that took about 1 second to display aggregated data.  Paul changed the date, and some of the other 11 hierarchy members and the report still displayed in 1 second but with new data this time.

I say Yeah, that's pretty good.  It looks nice too.”

Then Paul said There are over 11,000,000 records in the cube.”


I took the mouse and then used the CALUMO ad-hoc browser and created some crazy views of the data.  CALUMO is FAST!

Next we checked out performance in Excel and BOOM!  Just as fast as the web version.

Thanks to some excellent Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cube design and CALUMO's ability to render Excel and Web reports so fast, Paul has created reports that take one second to render with CALUMO that used to take over 20 minutes to render with SQL Server Reporting Services and SQL Server.

The Paul said, It took me about 2 minutes to create that web report.  It started life as an ad-hoc cube browse with CALUMO, sliced it to Excel (still live data feeds by the way), format it nicely with the CALUMO formatting tools and then one click and it's an interactive .Net web page.  Data is real time from the cube.”

Nice work Paul.  Your client will be very pleased.

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