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With the many ways in which data can now be visualised, it can be confusing for business users to determine how best to present data.  When confusion exists I always find its most useful to seek out those who undertake the activity as their Bread and Butter”.

So two things for today:

1. SAI Chart of the day.  If you don't subscribe, I'd recommend you do.  SAI take relevant, publicly available and up to the minute business data (with a technology bent), chart it, then add their own commentary.  Its worth subscribing for their insights alone.

2.  Its also worth subscribing to get a sense of how they communicate with charts.

imageSAI uses charts to rapidly deliver a perspective.  As a daily publication, they look to make their charts rapidly consumable and relevant to the commentary.  What do you learn immediately – 3D charts are pretty. Complex charts are impressive. But neither are SAI's preferred means of information delivery.  In fact you'll struggle to find one.

SAI produces visually appealing charts without going nuts” with bells and whistles.  Their charts are simple, clean and deliver a message.

Happy charting.

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