Peter Homan reflecting on Business Intelligence

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At a recent function held by CALUMO we "door-stopped" Peter Homan to share some of his insights on Business Intelligence and working with  CALUMO.  The Prezi presentation below carries a series of very short videos we recorded with Peter.

The videos are in two groups.

Group 1 are general observations:

  • Getting the most out of your people
  • On Vision and pragmatism
  • Doesn't my ERP do this?
  • The BI platform is an aggregator and integrator
  • One Version of the Reconciliation :-)

Group 2 are about CALUMO people and software:

  • Where does CALUMO Software fit?
  • How do you know when you've found a great partner?
  • Know how?
  • Risky business?

If you haven't used Prezi before a quick word on the controls:

  • In the frame below there is a play button at the bottom.
  • This button loads the presentation and advances the presentation one move at a time
  • I'd suggest you mouse-over the "More" button at the bottom and choose full screen
  • At any time you can leave the path - zoom in and out or select the videos directly
  • If you mouse over the right side of the frame, there are additional controls
  • Feel completely free to drag around and zoom in and out of the prezi - you can't break it

I hope you enjoy Peter's observations as much as we always have.  If you want to know more about Peter - you can see his profile on Linked in here.

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