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This is a great example of using gestures to interrogate your data.  You can drill down, scroll and focus on charts of interest.  I am not sure it will catch on though.  When you watch the video you will see the presenter waving his arms around to get new information.

I think this sort of application of gestures (arm waving) would better suit a PowerPoint presentation when you are on stage.  I can't see myself using this for day to day analysis of my organisations data and then make decisions.  My arms will tire then will my patience. I am not sure how I would select a different department or period, change the versions or some what if analysis – a Kung Fu Panda kick perhaps?

Will gestures be an easy way to view data?  Probably only a small amount of data. Is it intuitive?  Yes.  Who will use it and when?  Sales people in demonstrations at trade shows probably.  What about real life?

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