World’s Best Reporting & Planning Software Gets Rave Reviews from UNSW

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University of New South Wales, Sydney, AustraliaI recently asked Alister Cairns from UNSW if he could write a few words about how CALUMO has helped UNSW.  What I received blew me away. Here it is.

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is one of Australia's leading Universities that has a turnover of $1.4 billion and over 50,000 students.  Being a not-for-profit organisation, financial stewardship and due diligence is essential.


Our organisation uses CALUMO along with the Microsoft BI stack to provide a range of management reporting, budgeting & forecasting, planning and analysis tools to a wide range of staff throughout the University.


UNSW has been using CALUMO for the past 4 years with about 300 active users.


How do you describe a software that goes far beyond what you originally envisioned or thought possible. Here goes...


As a result of using CALUMO , UNSW's budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes run extremely smoothly and efficiently. We currently complete an annual budget cycle and monthly forecasting and executive level reporting from the bottom up.


We have the following data in CALUMO that can be accessed and reported on: financial (actuals, forecasts & budgets with journal drill through), HR (costs, FTE, Leave), Accounts Receivable, Credit Card, Alumni, Student and course profitability modelling.


The presentation layers being on the web and in Excel gives all the power to the user to see the data the way they want.


Having Microsoft SQL Server as the engine provides us with a completely open architecture. The power that is available to the end user from revealing the MDX code from within Excel is simply extraordinary. Drill through to transaction from both the web and excel amazes our users. The software is at the cutting edge of business intelligence software. We have gone from strength to strength in all our planning and management reporting areas as a result of this software.


There have been real and effective time saving benefits of using CALUMO. In one of many like examples, our research reporting was reduced from 3 months to 2 weeks by utilising the power of CALUMO.


The web reporting is extremely fast and flexible and being able to publish reports from excel with a single click is cutting edge. The software is intuitive for users unfamiliar with OLAP/BI technologies.


The help and support of CALUMO is unrivalled. For example, we made a suggestion for an improvement in the software. By the end of the same business day, the developers had sent a video of the requested improvement working in a development environment. Required critical updates have been turned around by the next business day. We don't know how the guys do it... they just do!


CALUMO partnering with Microsoft have effectively made Business intelligence available for the masses without the million dollar price tag that comes along with most of the vendors in this space.


The additional functionality that has been delivered by CALUMO over the past 4 years has been amazing. We haven't scratched the surface of functionality that this software has to offer and yet more is being delivered. I challenge anyone out there, to have a requirement in the BI space that this software cannot meet (large or small).


I cannot rave enough about this software! Anyone who wants to see this software in action is welcome to have a look at what we have achieved with it.


Alister Cairns
MIS Manager
University of NSW”

If you would like more information about CALUMO or would like to talk to Alister, email me

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