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Case Study: Global Commercial Project, Mining Industry

One of our customers recently implemented a contract & shipment management system.  Whilst great at its core function, its reporting capability is very poor.   [We hear this a lot about line of business apps and ERP systems].  The lack of a good reporting capability was crippling end users; who were resorting to keeping local, off-line copies of their data in frustration !

The problems they faced:

  • When they needed a new view or a report, end-users were completely reliant on external vendor resources;
  • Analysts resorted to keeping copies of the database to meet their own needs; creating silos of outdated data;
  • The duplication of data led to many dubious decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • It also created a security risk;
  • Many man-months of effort was wasted in the process of extracting information and loading the data into the Crystal reporting engine.
  • Bottom line: Good people were unable to perform at their best.

The Solution: Replace Excel and transaction reports with an Analytical BI tool ... CALUMO of course, which provides the following benefits:

  1. Easy Analysis. A multidimensional model connects in real-time to trading systems; allowing non-technical end users to query the live data to build reports and views that truly empower business processes.
  2. Intuitiveness. Drag and drop flexible query capability - which eliminated the need store off-line copies of the data.
  3. Reliability of data leading to quality decision-making. End users are now able to rely upon the underlying data since it is always up-to-date. The business can rely on the end-users to make decisions based on the very latest data. CALUMO empowers users to obtain any view or report in just a few minutes.
  4. Easy Access. Users consume the reports in real time in applications they are totally at home with - in a web browser, Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook.
  5. Build it once - and don't reinvent the wheel. Having built something the first time, dont repeat the exercise.  Reports and data views become reusable assets; end users share the work of others and they don't ever have to build the same thing twice.
  6. Huge Time Savings. Compared to the pre-CALUMO world, staff have saved up to 6 hours each day, increased accuracy and improved service levels to both internal stakeholders and customers.
  7. Predict the Future. Forecasting cash flows from the system is easy.  The Finance team are now keen to expand the system, to provide a full budgeting/forecasting capability.

If you would like more information, leave a comment or email me wleitch@calumo.com.

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