Upgrading ERP? Here’s 8 benefits that good Business Intelligence provides

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ERPMoving to a new ERP platform or upgrading your exising ERP can be an expensive process.

From our experience however, there is at least one way to save tens of thousands of dollars and ensure a smooth transition. The answer? Implement Business Intelligence before the transition.  It might seem that this is the reverse of the expected; and when you look at the Gantt charts of project planners you'll typically see that BI happens after the ERP install (you can see another list of reasons BI comes second here).

In our experience, because CALUMO can report from the old ERP and the new ERP simultaneously, organisations who have implemented CALUMO before an ERP transition have been able to:

  1. Ensure reporting as usual so Month end and Year End goes uninterrupted.  if you get behind in this most crucial of tasks, it can take a long time to catch up.
  2. Create a clear target for what the data needs to look like in the new system.
  3. Test new charts of accounts 'in moments' as a template for the new ERP.
  4. Have a more controlled and comfortable transition - no over-time or late nights (see how one client does it);
  5. Delay the transition if your team doesn't have capacity right now.
  6. Save money on ERP consultants. CALUMO is managed by you. What would you prefer,-to be at the mercy of the ERP consultants, or to be in control of your own destiny? If you need another report with CALUMO, it's DIY (or get one of the CALUMO team to assist until you are comfortable). See how Redflex does it here.
  7. Report historical data from CALUMO but leave the transactions behind in a Data Warehouse, Data mart or the old ERP.
  8. In some cases, remove the need to upgrade ERP altogether !

At CALUMO, we are passionate about data, systems, ERP, CRM and all kinds of systems and processes that handle your business data.  We have over 300 use-cases of customers and a wealth of experience to draw on.  If you want to leverage some of that experience over coffee, the telephone or if you just want me to act as a sounding board, free to drop me a line at wleitch@calumo.com

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