EPIC FAIL – When Business Intelligence Tools Go Bad

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Meet Willow.

Willow is a Business Analyst for a large retailer. Willow gets all the reports from their stores and then spends two days per month collating, reviewing, fixing, checking spelling mistakes, and correcting numbers before it’s ready to present to the COO. This is a problem for Willow because she spends two 14 hour days to complete the report, only it’s never really complete. She can’t take holidays if it means she won’t be there when the reports are due. She has grown to hate those two days and dreads hounding people over the phone for the spreadsheets, hates the manual work involved and the errors. Willow doesn’t even analyse the data – she is accountable for it but it’s not hers.

Why does Willow have this problem? The BI system the company uses only allows reports to be read – no data can be entered into them. Willow’s data comes from source transactional systems as well as people’s knowledge. Because of the limitations of the system, Willow has to use Excel to collect the missing data – things like forecasts and comments on why stores are
achieving poor or excellent results.

Willow’s perfect Business Intelligence tool would let her read reports and get more information from the people who understand the data. She wants that to be in one place but believes this must be impossible to do. Her company has spent a few million dollars on their BI tool and all they get is reports, while Willow is forced to use Excel.

Business Intelligence Vendor: FAIL!

Purchasing decision: FAIL!

Usefulness to Organisation: FAIL!

Knowing the past is great… for a moment. Knowing the future is not impossible and it makes life easier for your staff and your organisation. Staff need to be able to capture and share their thoughts and insights in a BI tool that automatically consolidates and reports, instantly.

So what about Willow?

She’s currently trialling CALUMO and so far those two days a month look like they might be a thing of the past.

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