Is Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server alone good enough?

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Harrison is a Financial Controller with a bit of an information systems bent. He was curious to know about Microsoft SQL Server and its tools versus what CALUMO can do for him.

I put myself in Harrison's shoes. Harrison has just received unprecedented access to his data and a reporting tool set like nothing he's seen before. He is pretty good at writing T-SQL – basic but enough to get by â€“ which I must admit is unusual for a Finance person.

Harrison knows that Microsoft SQL Server has many tools: from database management to reporting. Those tools will expand and enhance his ability to get to data faster and in a format that is more useful than his current clunky” (as Harrison puts it) Excel spreadsheets and report builder.

Harrison's problem now is getting to know the new tools, features and functions to decide what is best for him. While Harrison was trying to work out what to use next, I introduced CALUMO. I explained to Harrison that CALUMO does away with the need for many of the technical tools that come with SQL and will make life easier for him. CALUMO will let Harrison build better reports faster without the need for T-SQL or code.

I asked Harrison to consider these two questions to help his thought process:

  1. Do you want to have a complete reporting (and budgeting) system up and running in weeks?
  2. Where do your skills and the skills of the people who use your reports and planning templates lie - programming and systems or finance and business?

For faster implementation and up time, CALUMO will get Harrison there at a lower cost than the entry-level Microsoft tools. CALUMO is a tool for finance and business analysis as well as IT. It's easy and powerful. You don't need to be a programmer or need to understand T-SQL to get what you need fast.

Harrison is impressed with CALUMO because it is easy to build reports. Harrison can use his familiar Excel environment AND build beautiful web reports without writing one line of code. There is no T-SQL to be seen. The clincher for Harrison is that his staff, who are not systems experts, can build reports in a flash. Harrison is also not reliant on IT which is a relief to all involved – including his over-worked IT team.

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