Why is Excel the most popular month-end reporting tool in the world?

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Here are the key reasons:

1. Ease of use. Excel is by far the easiest reporting tool around today. Start typing and get answers. You don’t have to be an IT person to use Excel, just a business person — from Accountants to Sales. You don’t need to write code, or understand complex data queries but you can if you need to.

2. Freedom! There are no controls, no restrictions, free form, you can use data from any source instantly, it’s a blank canvas to build whatever you like and you can download excellent templates. You can even bring reports (excluding data) from your previous employment and hit the ground running because you can bet you will get Excel as standard software on your computer.

3. Great support. You can lean over the person next to you and ask them a question about Excel, Google will provide you with step-by-step help and even videos from thousands of users. There are groups and forums who share problems and solutions.

So why do so many people want to avoid Excel, even suggest they want to have it removed (that’s another blog)? Why not embrace Excel? Embrace it and add to it, don’t box it or massively change it. Add some controls to Excel like provide a data source that’s controlled, flexible and can be changed fast — in minutes, not days. You can remove the pain of Excel but keep the easy-to-use features, have the freedom you need and still have the great support.

Making Excel work with you in this way and not against you is just one of the great benefits CALUMO brings to the table. Want to know more? Email me at wleitch@calumo.com.

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