Oh the PAIN! It’s budget time again :(

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It’s that time of year again when plans and budgets are under way – and the crowd roars Yeah… wait… No?

No I don’t mean the execution of plans well laid and clearly productive. I mean the long drawn out boring, energy sapping, life-robbing process of preparing the annual corporate budget. It’s not this way for everyone but it is for most and may well be for you and your company.

So if you’re in the middle of the planning process, just about to commence one or licking your wounds after having completed one, then listen in – there’s good news here.

Whether you’ve experienced this personally or not, planning/budgeting can be a really engaging and energetic process. Where the business collaborates and has discussions about a brighter future or sometimes an even more challenging future at a point in time when the future can still be shaped.

Too often the process is “ugly budgeting” dominated by:

  • “Who has the right template today and where the hell is it?”
  • “I can’t make this, there is no chance”
  • “I’d better keep a copy of this close in case something changes in the budget and nobody tells me or someone in Finance stuffs this up by accident”
  • “Will this infernal process never end?”
  • “Peace out, say what you like, Head Office can fill this out and maybe they can come down here and deliver it too!”

Finance people should not be groaning and tearing their hair out about the budget process.  It doesn’t have to be a massive chunk of frenzied, ugly activity that happens every year and then once the budget is complete, the process forgotten (partly because fed-up staff have left).

If anything about “ugly budgeting” sounds familiar, no matter what stage you are up to right now, your process can be substantially and inexpensively improved and we can help. The time to reach out is yesterday so give us a call as soon as you can, share your pain and put us to the test.

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