What’s New: April 2013

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What’s new? Well, plenty. Among the many other things we’ve been up to recently, we hope you’re enjoying the new look and feel of the newsletter. It’s an early  peek at our new home on the web which we’ll be releasing between now and June.

As you’ll read, in recent months CALUMO HQ has moved and I must say the environment at North Ryde is excellent. We’ve come closer to several of our clients while remaining in close proximity to all. We’ve also been busy with CALUMO software with the recent release of 11.9.4 and in a few other ways. The more perceptive of you will notice that the newsletter carries the new  CALUMO-as-a-Service Cloud brand. It’s true — CALUMO is in the Cloud and that’s got some terrific implications for everyone, on premise, in the private cloud and later on in the public cloud.

Over the coming months you’ll be hearing a lot more about Cloud and also new developments in the product as we prepare to release CALUMO 12. If you can’t wait hear what’s brewing, as always, your Account manager is there to help and keep you informed on anything that takes your interest.

To all of you, including our new clients who have joined us in the last few months and current prospects, welcome along, it’s shaping to be a remarkable year. I hope you’ll enjoy the newsletter and find it as thought provoking as always.

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