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“Why didn’t you show me that before? I am so upset now!”

That’s what a client, Sammy, said to me a couple of weeks ago.

Sammy is an accountant who builds all her companies reports and budgeting templates in Excel with CALUMO. She was referring to creating dynamic web pages with CALUMO from Excel that people can interact with.

When Sammy first got CALUMO, she used her existing Excel spreadsheets, deleted most of them (because all the data is now held in CALUMO) and used the remainder as templates. Sammy inserted her CALUMO formula in the cells in Excel and was churning out new CALUMO-based Excel reports very quickly.

I caught up with Sammy a couple of weeks after she started with CALUMO and reminded her of CALUMO’s Excel to Web publish button. That’s when she had that pleasant surprise. She realized that now, all her Excel sheets can be dynamic web pages with a single button click. Those web pages are also alive – connecting to data always displaying the latest results.

Check out the video and see how easy it is.

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