Month-end reporting reduced from 15 days to 3

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Club CALUMO in Sydney last week was a great success and thanks to all those who attended.

We had the pleasure of hosting John Creeley, CFO of First State Superannuation, who was kind enough to share his thoughts on his recent implementation of CALUMO.

John is a story teller and has a great story to tell.


"Productivity increased. Risk decreased".

"We used to spend 2 days manipulating data. Now it doesn't need any manipulation, because we can see daily."

"Month-end reporting has reduced from 15 days to 3 days"

John has a habit of saying some quite profound things in a very conversational way.  Some things that I heard beyond the essentials of simply implementing a great Business Intelligence solution were:

  1. John sees that the reports he can now produce with CALUMO are much more credible, starting with the look of the reports through to the sense of robustness he has from the process he knows now underpins them.
  2. He mentioned that it’s a great relief for his team that first level support for queries comes straight off of his CALUMO reports.  His managers can genuinely self-service for things that would earlier have required the direct involvement of his Finance people.
  3. Linked to this he noted that because people who understand the transactions (his managers) can now see them, the quality of descriptions had to be altered at the Accounts payable, transaction recording level.  This point has many levels:
    1. First, it’s a classic improved business visibility story.  The only exception being that it has been tangibly delivered.
    2. The speed of action can now get closer to the speed of thought at the end-user level
    3. The quality of the information now created has lifted; and
    4. Accounts payable team are no longer in the cycle of wondering why they should put in useful remarks on a transaction when no-one
      can see them or use them effectively.
  4. Importantly, their month-end process has dropped from 15 days to 3 days.  That was a core outcome he was chasing – delivered.

I’ve got some quotes from John below taken from his talk.  They speak very much for
themselves though I have added one or two comments for context.

"An example - recent ATO statements would have taken a week. It now takes us minutes".

"iPads are next" –This will be a natural progression that doesn’t require any special new tools or overblown projects.

"CALUMO forecasting - it just works as the natural extension ... It's not hard".

"The CALUMO personnel were faultless in execution. Very happy".

"Project ran exactly to time".

"You don’t need the IT guy to make this work. All the regular stuff is done by Finance".

"The descriptions are readable to a non-financial reader".

"Aggregation and drilling - such a great tool for non-accountants" . Natural drilling into account/cost centre hierarchies and then to transactions makes a huge difference for non-Finance and non-Excel (web-only) users.”

"Self-service kiosk is brilliant".

"All cost centre managers get exactly same formatted reports and budgeting templates."

“CALUMO’s approach is different. Usually when you engage external people, the senior guy turns up on the first day and introduces a junior guy and then you have a succession of junior guys coming in and out of your office and through your business that you have to keep educating.

That’s not how CALUMO does it. I had one guy from start to finish who worked the vast majority of the time in and amongst my team. It’s a huge difference. Much more productive.  It’s so much more conducive to collaborating and getting the best outcomes. Bigger projects might require more people but I’m comfortable it would work pretty much the same with CALUMO and it works really well for everybody.”

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