People who use CALUMO: Meet Dirk, Sales Manager. Dirk doesn’t know he’s using Business Intelligence…

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Meet Dirk Stirling.

He’s a sales guy (though he likes to be called a Business Development Manager) at a Telecommunications company. Dirk is responsible for maximising revenue from his territory. Dirk likes being left alone to boldly go out there, grapple with the perils of the wild and bring home the bacon. He doesn’t like systems of record and admin.

Dirk loves CALUMO because he doesn’t know he's using it. In addition to not knowing this, he does know that, as if by magic, he can now get to critical sales information directly from within He doesn’t know or want to know how all this analytical stuff gets into salesforce, he just loves that he doesn't have to go searching for it.

In truth, and he doesn’t need to know this, the data is not in salesforce. Dirk flips seamlessly from salesforce to CALUMO, where all the up-to-date transactional information is available, (without ever knowing it's happened) and can just focus on taking that information and turning it into new business.

Dirk has found that with CALUMO he can avoid getting into conversations with people who don’t understand what he needs and dump a whole lot of admin - even though he doesn’t know that it’s CALUMO that makes it possible.

The 3 CALUMO features he would highlight as never wanting to live without are:

  • Guided Analytics
  • Drill Anywhere and
  • Believe it or not, Forecasting, which he generally does on his tablet, sitting in his recliner and watching Monday night football with a brew. His accuracy is excellent because he has the right info and does it weekly and he doesn’t touch a single spreadsheet - of which he has a morbid fear.

Dirk likes getting out and talking to customers rather than being chained to a desk doing forecasts or chasing details and CALUMO makes that happen for him.

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