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"If it wasn't for CALUMO, we could potentially owe the Department hundreds of thousands of dollars for unmatched funding. It’s amazing that as a small Not-For-Profit we have access to this type of technology and we are able to administer it ourselves."

One of our clients has some concerns about the current cost of providing services in the Human Services sector. Increased labour costs have squeezed margins, and ancillary costs, necessary to continue to provide services, are growing. Then there is the new National Disability Insurance Scheme that, while incredibly positive, is likely to increase competition within the sector (read more about the NDIS here).

In order to stay competitive, our clients needs to be able to maximise revenue while minimising costs. They also need to have better visibility of their true service costs and margins with the ability to plan and report. Excel alone is not sufficient. By implementing CALUMO, non-technical users were able to access and model their existing data without needing extensive training or having to become database specialists.

Our clients have already delivered all of the key components for both the current environment and the future NDIS including:

  • Client Statements.
  • Individual Plans.
  • Costs (including allocated overheads) at a client, client cluster, support type.
  • Funding by Source.
  • Rostered time planning.
  • Incident Reporting and statutory returns.
  • Award Calculations.
  • Dynamic Overhead allocations.

If these challenges are familiar to you and your organisation, we may be able to assist.  Please feel free to contact us: mhenegan@calumo.com.

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