Guided Analytics takes Self-Service BI to the next level

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Hillary and TenzingIn the same way Sir Edmund Hillary needed his Sherpa Tenzing to climb Mount Everest, your business users need a guide to help them understand and act on the business data you provide.

That's where CALUMO's Guided Analytics really shines.

It’s not practical to assign an analyst to every business user to make sure they don't get confused and fall down into a chasm of uncertainty or inaction. Thousands of users have already discovered that Guided Analytics from CALUMO is even better than an Analyst in your pocket.

Guided Analytics: Self-service BI as it was always meant to be

Self-Service BI has evolved to the proposition that Business users can be presented with a sea of corporate data and somehow self-service themselves to success. CALUMO redefines Self-Service BI with Guided Analytics providing not just questions but answers and root causes. Guided Analytics takes Self-Service BI to the next level.

When a CALUMO user sees an interesting trend or indicator on a dashboard or report, they can simply point-and-click on it to go to the next layer of analysis. Deeper analysis is available as the user follows their "analytical thread" moving effortlessly from one report to the next. This is not simply more rows on a report – it’s is a connected set of deeper analysis where each new level of analysis has knowledge of the one that preceded it.

"Hi, I'm new.  Anyone know how we analyse and look at stuff around here?"

Penny has just arrived in her new department. She's the new Manager. She sits with Paul, a management accountant, for 10 minutes to get a landscape view of the department with some reports from CALUMO. When she has questions she points, clicks and finds related analyses. Every time she needs to know more, she just points and clicks - even down to a handful of G/L transactions in just 5 natural clicks.

After 5 minutes she lets Paul get back to work. She already knows how to navigate the web and she can immediately see how the business listens and responds to the data feeding back through it. Penny is benefiting from, and can now build upon, the work of the managers that preceded (who have been promoted) her and the Finance and IT analysts that worked with them over the past 5 years. With Guided Analytics the bumbling new person doesn't get to bumble for long.

Good bye key-man risk, Hello IP protection

"Can't find the spreadsheet and Carlos left last year - we're in deep trouble...".  We've all been there. Analysts in Finance and IT become utterly irreplaceable. They know how to work broken systems and save the day with a spreadsheet. Then they leave and their peers, collegues and managers are left trying to piece together which spreadsheet is where and which process ran when. When Carlos, or Carlotta leave, the analytical IP they represent walks right out the door with them.

CALUMO is uniquely designed to make creating effective Guided Analytics easy. When your Finance and IT analysts are producing Guided Analytics paths, the time they are spending now will never be lost, even if "they don't work here anymore".

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