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How to make Board Reporting 6 times easierBoard reporting is one of the most stressful times in the life of a CFO and the finance team but it doesn’t need to be. You know it's imperative to get the summary consolidated reports correct, looking great and delivered on time. This process, whether for a small private organization or a very large publicly listed corporate, takes a huge amount of time and effort. Working overtime is a must.  And it’s worst of all when you have an auditor on the board - they check everything!

So how do you make this easier? Get the right technology. Most organizations use Microsoft Excel and Word to collate and report the board pack. Sure the data was collected in software that the company invested thousands or millions in but the output that helps drive the company is often build in Excel, Word or other clumsy hundred dollar software. It doesn’t make sense does it?

What if you used CALUMO? Well, here are some examples of how CALUMO helps companies around the world today save weeks every year when preparing board packs.

  1. Simple and beautiful reporting with Word and PowerPoint.
    Often board packs are presented in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. CALUMO Skylights will automatically embed your financial reports in Word and PowerPoint without the need to copy and paste from Excel. The reports are live so you only need to hit the CALUMO Skylights refresh button to instantly update your board pack when new data arrives.
  2. Automatic Consolidations
    Data is automatically extracted from your source systems, aggregated in CALUMO and reportable in about 1 minute. This means no manual labor in Excel to collect, massage, calculate, etc.
  3. Web Delivery
    Some boards like to bring their own device so for example offering secure, live and dynamic web reports for use on iPads comes standard out of the box with CALUMO.
  4. Fast and easy report creation with Excel
    CALUMO integrates into Excel giving Finance people the ability to build reports fast in an environment they are really familiar with. CALUMO means you keep Excel but remove hundreds of workbooks and spreadsheets.
  5. Connect to source systems
    CALUMO can connect to your ERP, general ledger, CRM, etc. to get the very latest data. If you had CALUMO right now, you could post a journal and see the result of that journal in your board pack within about 1 minute. That journal might affect 7 reports but with CALUMO they are all up to date.
  6. Manual (out of GL) Adjustments.
    CALUMO is budgeting, forecasting and adjustment enabled so you can store any adjustments you need to make for reports and keep a record of that change in a secure place (CALUMO).

Try CALUMO today and see for yourself.

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