A Great Plains Reporting Tool for Finance Professionals

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GP-featureMicrosoft Dynamics GP is an excellent ERP and it comes with a lot of features out of the box. But there is one huge feature missing – a Great Plains Reporting Tool that reports all the modules in one place. The only way you can currently do that is to use a SQL Server Reporting Service and you need to be a programmer and database administrator to make that fly.

Here are some complaints we get from the clients who had Great Plains.

  • The reporting tools provided with Great Plains are cumbersome and require database and programming skills.
  • It’s very difficult to create non-standard reports.
  • There is no ability to slice and dice data.
  • Integrating data from other sources is clumsy and very time consuming.

For many people the answer is Excel but that’s a great way to put the brakes on in the Finance team! And what about growth? Well, you can add more databases as you get or create more companies but very quickly you’re looking for a new ERP. That’s why we created CALUMO for Great Plains. It’s Enterprise reporting with integrated budgeting and forecasting that’s really easy to use at a very low cost. Check out what one of our clients thinks about CALUMO now:

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