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AnalyticsAt CALUMO, we love to make sure that our system is running fast and is stable. Our clients move to CALUMO-as-a-Service because their existing reporting, BI and budgeting systems are slow. Their BI systems are either really old, expensive to "upgrade" or they are very manual like using Excel for budgeting and reporting. So the only way to ensure we keep CALUMO-as-a-Service in tip top condition is to constantly measure the our systems. The detailed analytics of the CALUMO software usage and performance is all logged on a central logging server, within the CALUMO product. All these calls are made asynchronously so as not to impact performance.

CALUMO analytics contains: 

  • Error logging: Automated logging of errors to allow for error aggregation, trend analysis and direct user support
  • Feature usage: Direct feedback for us on what is getting used and what is not, how new feature take-up is going, etc..
  • Browser usage: including screen sizes, capabilities, etc..
  • CALUMO client and server version information: Looking at things like client and server version usage and fragmentation across our user base - we have also at times used this information to help customers deal with client fragmentation
  • Application performance: Load timings, calculation timings, etc..
  • Summary user information: reasons below

CALUMO analytics does not:

  • Contain any private information e.g. passwords.
  • Contain any of your queried corporate data
  • Get used for any form of direct marketing via email

There are several reasons we send a summary set of user information, the first is so that we can match up the automated errors logged with support issues that are being sent in via This is invaluable for us in support because we have a way to see what errors are occurring for a given user not just at the current point in time, but also over time. It also allows us to see these errors without having to log into the customers server and have the user replicate their action.

Secondly, we are building a program where we can look at the feature usage of a given user over time and have notification show to the user about:

  • How much of the application they are using. We are thinking here of implementing a simple scale of something like Grasshopper .... to..... CALUMO Ninja for example :simple_smile: There is also some thought (spit-balling) here about some simple gamification in terms of people earning badges by doing different actions or action sets.
  • What are some of the logical "Next Features" they could look at using based on their current usage patterns, e.g. a user uses Member Explorer and often loads and drills around through members to pick a single member, they would be hinted that using search in Member Explorer is a great way of finding a single member quickly.
  • Offered short, bite sized videos on a specific feature they have started to use recently.

The main focus of this feature is all about guided user training, getting our users up to speed on what they are doing now and what, logically, they would be doing next as a way of reducing the need for our customers to spend on training.

Another reason is that we want to use it is to give the owners, key stakeholders of CALUMO at our customers, through our customer portal, statistics on their users usage of the product over time with metrics like:

  • Number of Users (This Week/Last Week/This Month/Last Month and how their usage is changing)
  • Most Used (Reports/Apps/Cubes/etc)
  • Top Slowest/Fastest Reports
  • Most/Least used features
  • And so on....

If you have any other ideas you'd like to share on this, please let us know!


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