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dohI've been working with Excel for years and I continue to amaze myself with what I don’t know about Excel.  I have done some really complex stuff with Excel.  I have built software with it that sold around the world, worked with clients training them in Excel and CALUMO for over 20 years.  I have picked up a many tricks along the way but I am always learning more.

So the latest time I learned something new was at an Excel tips and tricks session recently.  I liked the presenter as he is all about finding a better way to do something.  If it’s taking too long, lets make it faster.  For instance, don’t copy and paste your life away, use formula where you can.  It means you don’t have to manually change data.

So the big tip this week was from that session.  It’s dead easy and will save me lots of time.  It’s all about the Format Painter and sadly, the information about this is in the tool tip…

Normally, if you want to format cells and you already have an example cell on the sheet, you select that sample cell, hit the Format Painter button then select the cell you want to format.  The problem is, if you want to format other cells that aren’t in a contiguous range, this method means selected a formatted cell again, hit the Format Painter button and select the next cell or cells to format.

To make your life easier, try this: Double click the Format Painter. Take these steps to make this work:

  1. Select the cell that has the format you like
  2. Double click Format Painter
  3. Select the cell or cells you want to format
  4. Select the next cell WITHOUT clicking the format painter again!
  5. Celebrate the time saving by dancing on the spot at your desk.

Do you have other tips I might not know about?

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