CALUMO achieves #1 ranking in three key categories in the BARC BI Survey 2015

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Sydney, Australia and Plano, Texas  - 30th October, 2015 - CALUMO has achieved #1 ranking in three key categories in the BARC BI Survey 2015.

The BARC Survey 2015 compares CALUMO v.12 to 35 BI tools from 30 BI vendors.
Top Ranked: Operational BI, Project Length, Competitive Win Rate.
Leader in: Cloud BI, Vendor/Implementer Support, Customer Satisfaction and Agility.

Read more and get your copy of the BARC report here.

2015 is the first year that CALUMO has taken part in The BARC Survey and we are proud of the results, ranking No.1 in the categories of Operational Business Intelligence, Project Length and Competitive Win Rates.  CALUMO also achieved Leader status in many other categories including Cloud BI and Customer Satisfaction.

We want to thank all of our users who took part in the survey.  Respondents came from a wide array of business sizes, types and industries, and included respondents from Finance, IT and other departments.  “It’s a gift when our users are ready to tell others of the great experiences they have had with CALUMO and we are, above all things, thankful to them.  In return it's our responsibility to keep the community growing. That’s exactly what we are doing and our momentum is rising quickly now.” said Dominic Parsons, CALUMO Managing Director and Evangelist.

The categories where we are top ranked are the ones that matter most to our users and prospective users.  Being No.1 in Operational BI demonstrates our unique ability to solve BI challenges across the entire enterprise.  Being voted No.1 in Project Length leads ensures shorter time to demonstrable ROI.  And being No.1 in Competitive Win Rate says that when CALUMO is considered, it's chosen.  This is a clear signal to anyone considering bringing massive improvement and efficiencies to their business in Reporting, Data Discovery, Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting. You owe it to yourself and your business to have CALUMO in the mix” Dominic added.

Achieving such results in our first year in The BARC Survey is a fantastic accolade and demonstrates CALUMO’s ability to exceed the performance of the industry’s most well­-known BI tools in critical areas of the business, not just for the Finance team.  The categories where we are Leaders, speak to the intelligence and professionalism that the CALUMO team shows every day.

The BARC Survey recognised CALUMO as the top ranked supplier of Operational BI tools and self service environments in the Mid-Sized Deployments peer group.  The Survey demonstrates CALUMO's ability to deliver solutions to organisations looking to compete in today's global economy.  The Survey outcomes reflect CALUMO’s highly agile and intuitive BI approach, which enables organisations to achieve planned business benefits and reach BI project goals within the shortest possible time frames.

About The BI Survey 15

The BI Survey 15, produced by BARC, is the world’s largest survey of business intelligence end-users. BARC is a leading enterprise software industry analyst and consulting firm which includes business intelligence among its core research areas.  The BARC BI Survey 15 is based on the findings of the world's largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end users.  A total of 3,267  people were surveyed, and 35 products and 30 BI vendors evaluated.  Respondents  answered a series of detailed questions about their usage of their chosen BI tools. The survey examines BI product selection and usage among users in areas including business benefits, costs, the proportion of employees using the product, competitiveness, recommendation, innovation, performance, customer satisfaction, and agility.  CALUMO featured well in the peer group Mid-Sized Deployments (APAC).

Read more and get your copy of the BARC report here.



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