Customer Success Story: Large restaurant franchise making smarter & faster decisions with CALUMO

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customer success story

Excellence in Business Intelligence

We recently undertook some work for a client in the food and beverage industry which exemplifies Business Intelligence best practice.

This organisation has over 300 franchises throughout the USA and had some great report summaries. These reports featured charts, tables of data for each store/region/brand and also a summary of all stores.

This document was delivered to key stakeholders as a PDF file, the ubiquitous way we see all such things shared.  The document rapidly grew to 255 pages; that means that drilling to the detail within the PDF document means searching through 255 pages.  Ouch!

The amount of time it was taking to prepare and disseminate this report on a regular basis was just tremendous! It was a mainly manual process, which led to a few errors and inconsistencies too from time to time.

But the report is used to run the business. But they knew there was a better way. And after a search - they chose CALUMO.

Why they chose CALUMO

Being such a critical, core business report, it was crucial:

  • to get 100% accurate every time
  • that is was delivered on time - every time
  • to allow drilling (clicking) to accurate-to-the-minute transactions/data
  • that it was delivered across the internet for ease of one-button access yet secure
  • it was available on cellphone/mobile device/tablet/PC
  • that it looks cool and engaging, looking professional but functional with a selection of value-adding charts along with traditional tabular reports.

Other factors that swayed their decision was the ease of use of the report designer. It needed to be:

  • flexible and easy to use for self-service reporting
  • integrated with Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint and Word).  These are the tools that helped overcome any resistance to change within the business because giving the employees the ability to build web reports in Excel doesn't affect their preferred working style to get the job done. So this was indeed the icing on the cake for our client!

The result: Awesome!

Today, this client has 1 (yes, one) web page that displays data relevant to the recipient. So someone who only looks after one store can only see the data for their one store - not have to wads through the other pages.

The CFO and CEO can see the entire consolidated company and drill down through charts, tables, and drop lists to store detail. All from one flexible common-looking web screen.

The old PowerPoint report pack still exists in a more simplified form for investors, but it’s 100% automatic with no manual labor required now!

From 250+ pages to 1, with more detail, ready access to the data via PC’s, iPads and smartphones, saving thousands of hours, that’s BI.

What’s next for them? Budgeting! Now that’s even smarter. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

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