Webinar: Slice and Dice your data and change your use of Excel forever

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Slice and dice your data with CALUMO

In this webinar from March 2016, Warwick Leitch asked:

Are you:
- stuck in the Excel grinder?
- struggling to get analytical reports delivered?
- finding you never have enough time to complete them?
- still waiting on IT for the data you need?
- unable to repeat the process to reproduce analysis instantly?

Warwick showed how to:
- analyze your data,
- create excellent looking reports from that analysis and
- trust the data is 100% correct & up to date.
**ALL** without being a programmer or writing one line of code.!

After this webinar, CALUMO clients will be able to:
- answer questions from the business in moments, not days
- avoid the need to be an expert Excel hacker
- get reports ready in time
- deep dive into data instantly
- get transactional information at the click of a button
- share with data and reports instantly with the business.

We hope you find the video of our session useful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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