Webinar: Visualize your data with self-serve dashboards

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PRESENTED BY: Warwick Leitch.

  • Build useful, powerful, great story-telling dashboards
  • Deliver visual insight into your business
  • Improve the visibility into your data

This webinar shows how to:

  • Create compelling, intuitive visualizations
  • Slice and dice your data using awesome graphical representations
  • Encourage fast, easy analysis
  • Create dashboards - all without any coding

You will learn how to:

    Surround yourself with the right, empowering, modern toolset

  • Ensure you have repeatable access to the right data
  • Develop your own style for your visualizations
  • Get the inspiration to build new charts and assets, every timeGet ready for the high fives from your manager and colleagues!
We hope you find the video of our session useful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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