Webinar: Excel + CALUMO = Excel on Steroids!

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Learn why CALUMO is the fastest and most flexible reporting and budgeting application with our Excel and Web tools.

Whether it's considered reporting, budgeting, sales reporting, inventory, GL, AR, etc. We showed our audience how easy it is to use CALUMO's Excel formula.

We showcased in our latest webinar:
- CALUMO's "Formulator" - the integrated formula-wizard-style interface to make all Excel and CALUMO functions 100x more powerful
- How to use functions such as CMEMBER and CGET - which make your job so much easier
- How easy it is to create dynamic reports
- How to convert them into web pages
and lots more!

We hope you find the video of our session useful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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