Webinar: CALUMO for Hospitality: management reporting on a silver platter

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Nicole Khalil

Presented by: Nicole Khalil. Nicole has worked as an accountant for 11 years with various organisations in a range of industries including AMP Capital Investors, Aussie Home Loans, Moraitis Group and Oscar Hotels. Nicole managed the CALUMO implementation project at Moraitis Group, automating their management reporting and budgeting processes.

At CALUMO we recognise the needs of businesses in the Hospitality industry:

- Multiple sources of data
- Disconnected systems
- A reliance on manual processes
- Tight deadlines
- Slim margins and
- Seasonality
all make effective Business Analysis, Reporting, Budgeting and Planning difficult.

In this webinar from March 2016, Nicole Khalil asked the hospitality industry:

Are you struggling with:
- Getting month end delivered on time?
- No time to value add to the business?
- Difficult to consolidate and analyse figures?
- Unable to find one source of information?
- Industry KPI's challenging to calculate?

Nicole showed how to:
- Automate the tedium of manual reporting.
- Uncover the real costs in your business - lift the lid with real-time reporting.
- Discover Management Reporting, Budgeting & Forecasting made easy.
- Benefit not just the Office of Finance, but unlock the value for other departments too!
- Automate your non-financial reports.
- Access your data at anywhere and at any time.
- Connect PMS, PoS, CRM, HR, GL and other operational systems in one central location.
- **ALL** without being a programmer or writing one line of code.!


We hope you find the video of our session useful. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch

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