I blew the CEO’s and CFO’s socks off with 1 simple report

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It was rather amazing really. But so simple. It was just another day for me working with one of my clients and the challenge was to put all the reports into a single report pack to make things easy to find and to navigate.

Report packs have been around for years, and as time goes on, people tend to use Excel, copy and paste into Word, or PowerPoint or print to PDF and play in their not favorite PDF editor.  Eek!  I did two things to make this report pack excellent.

1. Web-based report pack

This made a huge difference to the CEO and CFO.  It’s called CALUMO Apps, and it brings relevant reports together in a central easy to use portal. The CEO and CFO now review their KPI dashboards, income statement, balance sheet and cash flow as they please which happens to be every day! Interestingly, they actually use their smartphones to review these reports, and as they do, they call each other to ask and answer questions about the numbers.  They really do have their data at their fingertips.

Check out the video here on how Apps work.

2. Auto generated Word and PDF report pack

I use CALUMO Skylights to produce a Microsoft Word and PDF report pack - simply by pressing one button. This report pack is sent to the investors and banks ahead of schedule and they love it! It's a printable report pack and looks fantastic.  Check out CALUMO Skylights here. It took me 15 minutes to create the report pack and only 2 minutes to automatically run.  So now, as the months roll by, the VP of Finance hits 1 button to update all the reports in the Word document, and are updated with the current data.  Save as PDF and he's done.  That saves my client about 8 hours each time they have to run the pack using the old manual method and that might be up to 4 times a month!

No matter what tools you use, giving stakeholders better access to their data is a win.  If you can get this sort of result, you will look like a star and it can only help your organization.

If you want to find out more information about this, email me – wleitch@calumo.com

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