Trends in Financial Planning and Budgeting

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BARC BI Financial Planning Survey 2016BARC’s BI Survey is the world’s largest annual survey of BI & CPM software users. BARC recently surveyed hundreds of users about budgeting and financial planning. The results are in, and they're pretty interesting.

Some of the major issues users having are:

  • Poor quality of planning results (as measured by effort invested);
  • Planning processes take too long/planning results are outdated when adopted;
  • Planning processes are too detailed and complicated.

CALUMO's planning results are always excellent; we shorten the planning process by months. As for too much detail and complication, that's up to the creator/mastermind of the organizational budget model. We recommend not making a budget/plan too complicated for users, but even so, CALUMO is used in some sophisticated modeling that is simplified for users.

"Cloud BI is a trend that should not be underestimated and could become the next big wave for financial planning."

At CALUMO, we are very sure that Cloud BI is the next big wave. CALUMO and our customers are riding that wave right now!

Here is the whole article for your evening reading.

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