Microsoft Power BI for Budgeting?

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At a conference recently I was asked: "Can Microsoft Power BI be used as a budgeting tool?" The short answer is: "No".

By definition, BI (Business Intelligence) tools are read-only tools, and Power BI is no exception. Power BI is a read only tool.

Read only means just that - you can read data that comes from the system, but you can't write information back directly in. Power BI lacks a data entry interface, so it's no exception to the rule. Power BI has no interface to allow users to create input templates for data entry, you'll need yet another tool to enter data (such as budget data) and feed that into the Power BI system.

That's extra work, so CPM (Corporate Performance Management) tools are the 'next step' after BI. CPM tools are read and write tools. This means users can view dashboards, reports, slice and dice, etc. but in addition - users can enter data (such as budget data) directly into that same system.

Good CPM tools like CALUMO let users view budget data instantly in reports and dashboards. So if you want to have people enter budgets, perform what-if analysis, and see the results without waiting for an upload or data refresh. If you want a budgeting tool - Power BI won't cut it - check our CALUMO instead!

If you have Power BI and you want to do budgeting and forecasting, CALUMO can help.



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