CALUMO User License Types in Simple Terms

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Other software vendors' license models confuse and trick buyers. Our competitors' terms and conditions can be tricky - and we know that can lead to expensive mistakes. You'll need to navigate the complexity with a plasma charged sextant.

CALUMO, on the other hand, simplifies licensing. We only have two users types to make your life easy.

The two user types are: Office Users, and Web Users.

Office Users receive access to the Excel, Word and PowerPoint Add-in.  The add-in to Excel enables them to modify, save, and refresh reports on the portal or Excel.

Web Users get web only access to CALUMO. They can export to PDF and Excel, but the Excel workbooks don’t have links back to the CALUMO Data Server.

Both user types can perform drill downs for analysis purposes, change data, and refresh data. Office Users can drill in Excel; Web users can’t. Web users can only drill in web reports and web input templates.

CALUMO security determines who is a read-only user and who can do write backs. So either user type (Office or Web) can be read only or read and write. Also, CALUMO security determines who an administrator is.  This means an Office user or a Web user can be an administrator if required.

Here is a table to help describe the options for each user type.

Office User Web User
Developer Optional Optional
Read Only Optional Optional
Write Back Optional Optional
Create and modify Web reports Yes No
Excel add-in Yes No
Word Add-in Yes No
PowerPoint Add-in Yes No
Web access Yes Yes
Read Only Optional Optional
Manage Hierarchies Optional Optional
Drill down Yes Yes
Drill to Transactions Yes Yes
Cube Slice and Dice Yes Yes
Save and share slice and dice views Yes Yes
Refresh report for latest data Yes Yes


Our licensing is just one of the things we make simple. For more information about CALUMO, click here.

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