8 Reasons Why Cloud Budgeting Applications Beat On-Premise

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Thinking about a cloud-based corporate budgeting application? It's cheaper. But is it riskier than an on-premise solution? We've compiled a few reasons why everyone's moving to the cloud.

1. Low cost

You get more bang for your buck! Cloud providers can “share” the infrastructure and software costs among many. It's basic economies of scale.

2. No huge commitment

A good corporate budgeting provider doesn't try to sell you a 12-month “deal”. Why would you want to be locked into a software provider that you eventually don’t like, or whose software doesn’t suit you? A good cloud corporate budgeting provider will only ask you to sign up for one month and let it roll on and give you the option to turn it off.

3. Greater Flexibility

You want to be able to add users and remove users as required. Perhaps you want to add users to capture their data in a budget period, then remove their access once the budget is complete. A good cloud corporate budgeting provider will let you do that. You don’t need licenses that are dormant for most of the year; it's a waste of your money.

4. Match your value to cost (don’t pay and pray)

By paying a monthly fee, and adding users as you need them, you’re matching your cost to your value.  In fact, the value you receive will be above your cost for much of your cloud corporate budgeting products life.

5. Security

Security can be a touchy subject for people when thinking about cloud applications. People think having their data in their office is safer. But they often fail to consider the following things:

  • Chances are that the way you email data today is via the internet. Your email goes via the internet to get to the recipient, probably even if they sit across the desk from you. Emails aren't encrypted, they are easy to intercept. That's not to prove email is bad - it's just one example to make you feel more at ease about how data is stored in the cloud.
  • Spreadsheets full of data on laptops get stolen every day. Even if an Excel workbook is password protected, it takes an amateur hacker moments to crack them.
  • Your server dies, and your server wasn’t being backed up.

If you’re using a cloud environment, all the data transmitted is encrypted. That makes it secure. Your cloud provider has everything covered including a managed secure environment to store your data.

6. Management

Chances are, your IT department will be more than happy to have the management of a BI system off their hands and managed by experts. We not only know corporate budgeting, but we understand the technology issues that go with it. Everything from the optimal hardware, software, systems and procedures. Backups are essential and should be handled without you needing to worry.

7. Performance

A good cloud corporate budgeting provider puts its customer's databases on the latest and fastest tech they can get their hands on. That might mean a shift every month to new hardware. Imagine having to buy new hardware every month?!  Again, because of the economies of scale, good cloud corporate budgeting vendors like CALUMO can do that.

8. Access

Getting secure access to your data anywhere is vital. You don’t want to have to log into a VPN or have some buried portal system to get access to your numbers just because the data is on your premises. Most companies don’t have the required IT infrastructure setup to allow secure user access to their BI data. You'll need access through many different mediums such as via URL to web pages, Excel, and mobile devices, but good cloud corporate budgeting vendors like CALUMO give access to your information via different devices, at no extra cost. The only requirement is you need to have internet access.

If you want more info on Cloud corporate budgeting, email me at wleitch@calumo.com.

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