Great, fun dashboards that you can build with CALUMO

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Did you know you can build cool interactive reports like this in CALUMO?


This report uses data from sales cubes for the charts and the map. This dashboard is built using features that are all built in into CALUMO [there's no additional modules to buy!].  The charts and maps are fully interactive - so you can click on the bubbles to drill down, click on the map to see where pins land and the sales amount for each pin. To activate this feature, use the Chart button on the CALUMO ribbon in Excel.

Chart button


You can also build really nice looking Income Statements/P&Ls like this with traffic lights like this using CALUMO SPARKS. CALUMO SPARKS are in cell charts that let you do some cool and eye catching reports.

Income Statement

The above report uses data from a GL cube. Use the SPARKS button in Excel on the CALUMO ribbon to create them.

You can also use CALUMO SPARKS to create reports like these.

Dashboards and Mashboards



These reports are very nice and interactive reports built in Excel and published to an interactive web page.

CALUMO dashboards provide information at-a-glance with the opportunity to dig deeper all the way to root cause when the dashboard flags a problem. Dashboards can be shared in seconds with others who can take immediate action where required.

All of these reports can be built by you.  All you need is CALUMO! The reports can be displayed on any device (PC, Mac, and phones), they are interactive, so you can drill down, pick different time periods.

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