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CALUMO for Higher Education

UOCHere is a short synopsis of what CALUMO has done for University of Canberra.
With a multitude of spreadsheets and endless hours required to produce budgets and management reporting, University of Canberra was in Excel Hell.

In a competitive process, CALUMO was selected to deliver management reporting, budgeting and forecasting. Once the University saw the capability of CALUMO, the project was extended to build a Student Load Planning model.  Within less than 14 weeks and huge expectations to manage, the University of Canberra Finance team and CALUMO delivered the budget and student load plan.

With CALUMO providing deeper insight into the financial information, the University quickly moved from Gross Revenue against Expenditure Analysis to focused margin contribution analysis. In 2011 the Student Load Planning model was significantly enhanced to provide transparency and visibility of the planning process as well as provide the ability for deans to provide direct input into the model from their desktops.

In one years' strategic plan, a target was set for 9,000 students. Two years ahead of the timeline, more than 12,000 students were enrolled, a pre-delivered increase of approximately +18% additional revenue.


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