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CALUMO for Higher Education


Here is a short synopsis of what CALUMO has done for the University of New South Wales.

Utilizing their existing technology and adding the CALUMO application layer, UNSW was able to provide effective management reporting across the University as well as a budget interface for Faculties to enter budgets effectively for both GL and HR.

Once the core financial and HR information had been loaded into the centralized model, a multitude of other applications were added to the core solution, including the ability to analyze credit card spend against procurement policies, research reporting, course and program profitability analysis.

Eliminating Excel Hell

The 2011 budget process was hailed by users as the easiest and best budget ever, and subsequent years got incrementally better. A typical example of time and effort savings is in the production of consolidated research reporting. Prior to CALUMO, research heads had to download individual research projects into Microsoft Excel then perform a consolidation to be able to compare against budget. CALUMO now automates this process so each researcher selects their search and range criteria. Now with CALUMO, one button press takes 45 seconds to complete what used to take 3-4 hours.  100 research heads x 3 hours = 300 hours saving each month.

The process of conducting course and program profitability requires data from financial, HR and student systems at a low level of granularity.  The data can then be analysed by course and aggregated into programs.  Compared to other systems, CALUMO was able to provide twice the functionality and half the time and half the cost.

CALUMO was able to deliver a working model in less than 6 weeks, whereas another initiatives had failed to deliver after many months.


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