Webinar: Excel Budget Template Tips to Keep You Sane!

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Corporate Budgeting with Excel can be painful and the video below can help. If you're like most people struggling with this pain, you'll recognize some of these issues:

  • Multiple workbooks - more than one cost/revenue center means multiple contributors means needing to be secure means multiple (usually upwards of 10-100 different) worksheets. And so it begins...
  • Linking to actuals - those multiple workbooks need to be fed with actuals, often more than once in a process. That's painful!
  • Calculations and modeling - different spreadsheets but the same calc methods, trying to keep that in-line and working consistently. Oh yes, and everyone who is responsible for completing them likes to take the opportunity to 'improve' them making them inconsistent (read broken) in the process.
  • Distribution - the spreadsheets are done, now it's time for input from the field. Let's email everyone. I'm sure they will send them back on time...  right?
  • Consolidating - after the 'improved' (read broken [again]) multiple worksheets for different companies or different departments within companies return from the field, they all have to be brought back together and consolidated - multiple times in a process - before it can be reported. I'm exhausted already.

OK, Excel is never going to be as easy as CALUMO to use for budgeting, but until you get CALUMO, this video will help you out. In this video, we share some great tips to make the budget process easier with Excel.

During the video we demonstrate 5 cool tips for using Excel in your budgeting process:

  • Cool functions - to make updating your Excel budget templates easy.
  • Easy Distribution - tips for sharing those Excel workbooks with people.
  • Security - how to lock down sheets.
  • Foolproofing - nothing is foolproof to the sufficiently talented fool, but you can stop people trashing your templates.
  • Consolidating - joining the data from all those templates for your final reporting.

Watch and enjoy! And if you have any stories to add to our mix, do feel free to get in touch.  

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