How To Write an Excel Macro to significantly help your Corporate Budgeting Process

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ngbbs4bf4ac419de2bExcel macros are not difficult to write and manage.  Harnessing Excel macros will make your corporate budgeting process easier.

"But I am not a programmer!" I hear you say. Programming may not be in your job description but if you hate doing repetitive tasks in Excel, it's time to learn. Start by trying out a simple macro. Once you begin to apply them and you see them replacing your manual processes - then you will soon wonder just how you managed to survive without them!

Here are the steps to write your first macro. In my example I am using one of the first macros I ever wrote. It's quite handy because it consolidates data from different workbooks and spreadsheets.  You can then use the SUMIFS() function once the data is together.

  1. Don't Panic!  In the immortal words of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (no, you don't suddenly become a sci-fi nerd when you start using macros), don't panic. There is no need to panic. If you ever get stuck with a macro, and are there to help you out. Initially, you will find you spend more of your time searching for answers and tweaking the code and feel a little unproductive. But rest assured that next time it will be much faster and easier.
  2. Keep it simple. Don't try to replicate an application like CALUMO. The example I am about to show it is simple but a time saver.
  3. Open Excel. I am using Excel 2016.  If you have a different version of Excel, macros will still work the same.
  4. From your Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu select More Commands.Excel - More Commands
  5. Check Developer in the Main Tabs list on the right and click OK.Select Developer

You are ready to go!

Your next step is to hit the Record Macro button.
Record Macro button

That is the easiest way to get started. Excel actually writes the macro for you.

What resources are available? There are many resources available as I mentioned above but here is a link to a macro that you can use to collect data from many budget input sheets and which consolidates onto one. It's not as easy as using CALUMO, but it's going to be easier than copy and paste or linked workbooks!

If you want more information on making your budgeting life easy, email me.

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