Compile your Excel Corporate Budget Data with this Macro!

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Excel-VBAI have compiled many corporate budgets and built forecasting data without an application such as CALUMO. It's possible of course, but wow - it was painful. If I could possibly have gotten my hands on CALUMO at the time, I would have! CALUMO makes life so much easier, safer and more scalable.

If you're not in a position to get CALUMO, then at the bottom of this post is a link to a macro which may make your life a little easier. If your process for managing the corporate budget is to send out Excel workbooks via email, and then compile them once you finally get them sent back, this macro is for you!

One of the final steps in the process will be to pull all of the data together from your users. If your next process involves either copy 'n paste or to create a series of linked workbooks then you need to re-think. Macros are the safest way (other than CALUMO of course) to ensure you do gather all of your data together for consolidation.

What this macro does: The macro listed below takes data from an input sheet and transposes it - so you can then use that data for uploading to reporting systems or ERPs for example. Or you can leave it in Excel for pivot tables, Power Pivot or formula driven reporting. Download the workbook and try it out, the sample corporate budget input template and macro to transpose the data is all yours, feel free to use it as you please. Download it here: Compile Budget Data - Transpose

If you want more information on CALUMO - which is far easier to use than just Excel for budgeting and reporting, try it out here.




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