CALUMO sponsors the CFO Edge Summit, Sydney in November

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We are really execited to be a Premium Silver Partner of the CFO Edge Summit this year. We missed you in 2016, but we're back again in '17 and looking forward to a great two days.  Here's some reasons to attend:

  • CFO Edge promises to discuss latest trends and also debunks the myths. This years presentations include sessions from Harvard, Pepsico, Comm Bank and many others - on topics as varied as investment monies, Blockchain all the latest trends.
  • Meet & network with your peers. Nowhere else will you find such an open group in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Attend the CALUMO POD. CALUMO's CEO Dominic Parsons will talk about "Getting to know the future first". The interactive POD session will discuss ways to ensure we all improve our chances to flourish. Get exposed to new and emerging trends and ideas.  Convert knowing into doing and delivering".
  • Serve as a voice: Grow your industry connections.
  • Evaluate and test solutions: Understand third-party solutions and learn what they can do for your organization.
Calumo at Finance in Aged Care Best Practice Forum
Calumo at Finance in Aged Care Best Practice Forum

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