Webinar: Top 11 Features to look for in your next Budgeting Software

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Financial Reporting and Budgeting Sanity Saver

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Top 11 features of excellent Budgeting Software

Learn what our customers have asked us for when selecting their next Budgeting tool.

See the features most loved by our customers.

We've listed the top 11 features that we KNOW should always be present in a good Corporate Budgeting application.

This webinar will give you:

  • A clear list of modules required for budgeting
  • An understanding of why its important that your BI tool also does Budgeting & Planning
  • An understanding of features you didn’t even realize you needed
  • Features some vendors sell that just don’t get used but are apparently really important!
  • Why CALUMO is the optimal tool for BI, Reporting, Budgeting and Planning

Watch and enjoy! And if you have any stories to add to our mix, do feel free to get in touch.  

Enjoy the video in full below:

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