Webinar: Financial Reporting and Budgeting Sanity Saver

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Financial Reporting and Budgeting Sanity Saver

webinar financial reporting

It’s a simple concept: One set of centralized reporting hierarchy structures.

The impact of messing up you reporting hierarchies, or worse, not have a clear location or definition can become expensive for both reporting and budgeting processes. CALUMO’s webinar this month focuses on the importance of centralizing your reporting hierarchies. We will use real-life examples and discuss customer successes and failures.

This webinar is important for non-CALUMO and CALUMO users alike. You will learn all about our dimension hierarchy manager - and you’re going to love it!

  • The importance a centralized set of hierarchies for reporting and budgeting.
  • Why centralizing hierarchies is important and how to implement them.
  • What’s the positive impact on a centralized reporting and budgeting hierarchy system?
  • What are your options for implementing centralize hierarchies?
  • How you should expect to manage centralized hierarchies in any corporate environment.

Watch and enjoy! And if you have any stories to add to our mix, feel free to get in touch.  

Enjoy the video in full below:


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