Club CALUMO – CALUMO Success Story – University of Canberra

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This re-edited video features Andrew Gibson, Manager - Finance Information Systems from University of Canberra.

Andrew and team have put CALUMO to some amazing uses over the last few years.

CALUMO started it's life at the University in 2009. Its use has grown, with the University upgrading their version and hardware in 2016 and adding extra data sources for Student Revenue and HR/Payroll to increase the capability of the systems reporting.

Andrew's presentation focused on how CALUMO system has frown and with additional data sources; Student Revenue reporting; what was gained from a site visit to UNSW; how they applied student revenue reporting so faculties have a better picture on where their revenue is coming from; how to use BI tool for Project Management reportingand how to maintain project financials and project management elements of project status, progress, issues, risk and timelines.

Enjoy the video in full below:

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