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Gregg Mackinder, System Improvement & Reporting Manager from Freedom Foods.

Gregg initially joined Freedom to lead a cloud ERP upgrade and develop BI reporting & planning tools, identifying early on that all aspects of the ERP platform could be improved. A key focus during the project was delivering improved data structures, transaction control and reporting hierarchies - the key to quickly leveraging and relying on CALUMO as it was introduced.

Gregg's team has woven CALUMO into the fabric of the organisation during a very busy period for the business.

Freedom Foods has delivered a strong period of growth with plans to continue that growth at a rapid pace. The business has invested substantially in both its manufacturing capability and improved IT systems to support its strategy.

Gregg's presentation focuses on the evolution and challenges of the project and how CALUMO aided and facilitated its delivery, including:

  • Designing the ERP data structures, transactions and processes with CALUMO in mind
  • Embedding reporting structures into the ERP to align the business needs
  • Introducing ‘One source of Truth’ whilst replacing manual excel based reporting with CALUMO
  • Managing change in a changing environment - overcoming significant challenges

Enjoy the video in full below:

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