Dallas CPA Convergence Findings: ‘Excel Hell’ is #1 Problem

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Held on the premises of the Dallas Cowboy’s training facility and worldwide headquarters, this year’s ‘CPA Convergence, Dallas 2019’ certainly didn’t disappoint.

Over 1200 CPA’s from all over DFW traveled to The Omni and The Star in Frisco to earn their CPE’s, learn about new software and technology, and revolutionize their daily reporting and budgeting lives.

The lunch with guest speaker Ross Perot Jr (who sold EDS to HP for about $22 billion) was nothing short of inspiring, and after talking with hundreds of CPA’s and accountants one issue became glaringly obvious:

Too Many are Still in Excel Hell

The problems ranged from:

  • Spending too much time copying and pasting data
  • Using formulas linked to other Excel workbooks
  • Confusion about how spreadsheets function because someone else built them.

It’s a broken, three-legged stool which is hampering productivity, triggering agonizing levels of stress, and having a significant impact on the bottom line. Fortunately, the team from CALUMO was there to share how we can fix their budgeting and reporting pain via the CPM platform that’s now setting the standard, after topping 11 categories in BARC’s BI 2018 Survey. You can download the survey here. If you’d like to learn more about getting out of Excel Hell, please email me at wleitch@calumo.com