SL Users Biggest Pains: DSLUG Conference 2019 Discovery

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Anaheim, California - “I am in Excel Hell.” This is a very common complaint from Microsoft Dynamics SL users we've heard time and time again when meeting users at the Microsoft Dynamics SL User Conference in Anaheim, California.

When it comes to reporting and budgeting, MR and Excel just don’t cut it. But they are the only go to tools from Microsoft for Accounting and Finance teams.

Budgeting and Reporting with Excel is Very Painful with Dynamics SL

At the sessions I presented (Excel reporting for Finance and Excel reporting for Projects), the attendees shared the same pain:

  • Reporting with SL is not fast or straightforward,
  • People are still using FRx (!) because Management Reporter (MR) isn’t as good as FRx,
  • Excel is people's go-to tool for reporting and budgeting and,
  • People are in Excel Hell, trying to create and maintain reports and budget workbooks.

And I have to agree – Excel is a pain for corporate reporting and budgeting. Although my Excel reporting sessions were a lot of fun, it was a great reminder for me that Excel is a tough tool to use for corporate reporting and budgeting without CALUMO.

Fortunately, the team from CALUMO was there to share how we can fix their budgeting and reporting pain via the CPM platform that’s now setting the standard, after topping 11 categories in BARC’s BI 2018 Survey. You can download the survey here. If you’d like to learn more about getting out of Excel Hell, please email me at