CALUMO Partner Innovia Consulting User Conference: NAV and D365 users are still in Excel Hell for Reporting and Budgeting – What’s the Solution?

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We met scores of people in Excel Hell at Innovia Consulting annual conference. Innovia Consulting is one of CALUMO’s Premier Partners focusing on Microsoft NAV and Microsoft D365 Business Central. CALUMO was proud to be a sponsor for the first time this year.

It was great to meet so many D365 and NAV users, and they all had the same reporting and budgeting pain in common. They all told us:

  • Reporting and budgeting with Microsoft D365 and NAV is minimal,
  • Even with Excel and free add-ons, reporting with D365 is very time consuming and is not flexible enough,
  • They end up in “Excel Hell” with large and complex spreadsheets.

Our session with users on automating reporting and budgeting with CALUMO and Microsoft D365 to get people out of Excel Hell was standing room only.  The questions from the audience were all similar:

  • Can we automate data loads from D365 or NAV, so reports are instantly available?
  • Can we get the integration to Excel, so data is updated with automatically?
  • Does CALUMO have budgeting and forecasting capability?

The answer is “yes” to all questions.  And when we fix these issues, our customers have cut up to 94% of their time out of their reporting and budgeting process.

If you’re implementing D365 Business Central from Microsoft and have hit the reporting and budgeting wall many others have hit, email us at